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Chile One Accused Of Stealing A K40 (Watch)

Chile One Accused Of Stealing A K40 (Watch)

Chile One, Mr. Zambia has contributed big in some areas ever since his arrival to the Zambian music industry, he delivered hits like Aba Ku Chaume, Why Me And Bana Chile, with big collaborations like Chef 187, Slap Dee, Kb and Macky 2.

Chile One has been seen as and recognized as competition for Yo Maps who is considered as currently the biggest artist in the country. Too far as it was taken Chile One was used to teach Yo Maps a lesson which ended up costing Yo Maps music awards to Nil, one can even say Chile One’s career was built off Yo Map’s failure.

Chile One, One of the names in the Zambian music industry was caught up in an unknown situation earlier which of which involved money business, he claimed to have paid the money with only a small amount remaining but the translation from the other person wasn’t clear.

He was talking to a person behind the camera who didn’t show his or her face. (watch)


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