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Chile One Cries And Breaks Down During An Interview, “Those Awards Weren’t Mine” (watch)

Then it was down to Emotions.

Chile One, the boy from chililabombwe has given us many hit songs for the past 2 years that is been recognized in the music industry. From Aba Ku Chaume to his recent song Nakalebalika. 

Last years was a very hot year for the music industry from the Yo Maps and his colored wife drama the disciplinary committee and everything. Chile One is only artist last year who went home with his mouth opening wider than a flower with more awards than every other artist, now the question remaining is “was those awards genuinely won or it was a way of teaching Yo Maps a lesson”?. Well some will say it was genuine while some will say he was hand picked by the disciplinary committee to teach Yo Maps who went home with zero awards a lesson.

A day ago Chile One was on an a podcast being interviewed about how he feels about the awards he said “They discourage me 🤯, I didn’t deserve those awards, I feel like they belong to someone else” (😮 the poor baby). Well everyone knows that was a fluke none nobody is supporting anyone but honest speaking those awards were set to be in someone’s hands but well that’s  what using emotions does. I don’t know why they were even using a gospel song in the background but come on that’s just wrong don’t bring God in this eish 😒.

Do we blame the committee or Chile One?


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