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Chuzhe Int Complains Of Bruttaly Been Beaten By his Girlfriend

Chuzhe Int Complains Of Bruttaly Been Beaten By his Girlfriend

As a matter of fact, I do. I am the man I refer to. During an extremely low and vulnerable point in my life, I’m involved with a monster of a woman who is not well mentally. She was good at hiding her mental instability until she got nice and comfortable in my life and my home.

I was so stupid and weak, I think at this particular point in my life, I was just happy filling the void and not being alone.

After being with the person I refer to as a wife for a few months, certain things started showing themselves. As it turns out, if I had been stronger, I would have seen them as huge red flags. At any rate, I eventually figured out the relationship with her is unhealthy and she is clearly using me for any and everything I could do for her. There were lots of little incidences where she would hit or slap me or punch me in the chest and I would just walk away. I decided one morning when I woke up, I not only do not deserve this, but I absolutely won’t tolerate it any longer in my home or anywhere else. The evening I decided to inform my mum that she would no longer be living in my home, She punched me in the mouth splitting my lip and gum open. I looked down and saw a big pool of blood forming, I knew then my lip and gum needed attention.
The situation is now bad such that she can’t even cook or prepare water for me; at this point I’m even afraid to tell mum coz when mum knows she will provoke her and I’ll not sleep tonight😭😭😭😭😭.

Bellow is the audio leaked of chuzhe Int expression himself to jae cash tagged mwebafyashi


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