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Mordecai Has Really Messed Up And Did KB Just Send Shots To Other Artists? (Must Read)

In less than a month we’ve seen one mysterious boy raise in the Zambian music industry over night, the Livingston based upcoming artist known as “Mordecai” made a name for himself over night through social media (Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram).
His upcoming song which will be dropping on the 30th of June 2023 titled “Fire” has become the social media main stream, by allowing other upcoming artists to participate in an open verse challenge with a price worth $150 Dollars equivalent to K2,613.50 Zambian Kwacha, the artists have battled each other with each one of them hoping to be the one to get picked as the winner of the challenge.
Within a month of promoting his upcoming ‘FIRE’ song, the artist has gained over 50 Thousand Facebook Followers making him the most searched artist of the month.
With recognition from one of the biggest producers and record label owners in the Zambian music Industry KB, who wrote “These youngsters are not playing. They coming with that fire”, it seems safe to say “Mordecai” might be the next big thing. Though the K Army C.E.O went as far as saying “You can’t hide behind autotune anymore, you gotta sing” sounds more of a shot to a lot of artists in the music industry as it is known that a lot of established and upcoming artists in the music industry can’t actually sing, they hide behind autotune to help them sound better but well i guess you take the message based on how you understand it because this guy has got it covered so no worries there. KB closed his statement by writing “This caught my attention at first time. Someone tell Mordecai that i want to work with him on a song or 2. Or More”.

It is a well know story that a lot big artists in the game right now like Jae Cash, T-Sean and Neo were groomed by KB which technically makes him one of the Zambian music get keepers and it is not easy to get attention of not only big industry names but country wide. Seems like there’s a safe space in the Zambian music industry for Mordecai to run his race too. He has really messed up the music industry without himself being in the music industry yet.
look out for his upcoming song “FIRE” coming out on the 30th of June 2023.

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