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Mordecai Zm “Am The Biggest Artist Right Now” (Video)

Out of the dark, The “Fire” Singer has gained recognition from social media like crazy, it’s no secret that his music video on YouTube gained half a million views in less than 48 hours, big congratulations to that one.

Earlier after the release of his single “Fire” , Mordecaii Zm was called for an interview on Power TV where he had an eye to eye talk with Edina The People’s Bae who’s the representative of the power tv station. 

In the short interview teaser that was released, Mordecaii was asked by Edina how he feels about the whole success of his music career and numbers growing, he responded to the question by saying “I am the biggest artist in the country right now” , Is he?

Look out for the full interview on ZNB Talk with Edina The People’s Bae. Enjoy !!!!

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