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Triple M Mocking Costa Titch Death (watch)

Triple M Mocking Costa Titch Death 

Triple M, Zambia’s upcoming artist with hit songs like “Tutambako Fye”, “Again” and “Mpaleni” has made a name for himself with the dance hall beats, possibly been counted on as one of the country’s influence,cool right?.

Triple M has managed to survive in the music industry by making trends which helps him to stay relevant and so does it help any other artist but on the day of the international trade fair performance he tried to make another trend go viral by pretending to collapse on the stage while performing and only released a short video that didn’t really show what happened when he was picked from the stage by his friends which made his act so real (wack) while the full video is something like this . ( watch )

A well know story of how the late South African Amapiano singer and dancer “Costa Titch” died, Costa fell from the stage and was immediately attacked by a seizure which led to his death, really heart broken as other parts of the world are still grieving, the act done by Triple M was stupid and useless, there is a lot of ways on how to attract attention from people but not like that Gee, death shouldn’t be the way to chase clout. Try walking naked or pretend to go mad or if you wanna use death as a trend just commit suicide and die people will care and post,they always do.

-Toxic Papi

Toxic Papi

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