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Dizmo Posed In A Lamborghini Aventador

Life Ya Pa social media is not your friend. Everybody is trying to look richer than who.

Apa ili So Entertainment Rapper Dizmo posted pictures of him in and on one of the world’s most luxurious and expensive cars ” Lamborghini Aventador “, 😱, the car’s worth is $556,942  of which converted to kwacha is k 9,933,379.70, yah those are not six (6) digits anymore but 7(seven). As we all know Dizmo is not one of the rappers to show case his life achievements if he has any, the closest he has showcased is his girlfriend 😂, yah nothing funny it’s actually a good move, to some people.


He captioned the pictures with a kinda seemingly like diss statement  to people like Magnete  and Peter My Life who just recently owned a hilux but it depends on how you view it, he wrote “Some Achievements I will never post on the internet ✋ congratulations to all hilux owners 🤞🤞 A Lamborghini is 🔥🔥🔥”,

i mean it’s a Lamborghini Dizmo of course It is fire you’d be named Zambia’s richest rapper if you had one, I mean Macky 2 only had to own an Escalade and he got the title.

– Toxic Papi

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