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Mwizukanji Refuses To Be Yo Maps’s Excuse

Well well well, the first cut is the deepest they say, who are we kidding this is not another fairytale story, no happy endings here.

As we all know so well the story of “the used to be sad on social media but now all of the sudden beautiful, motivational speaker and happy Mwizukanji” and “the Zambian international artist,Yo Maps” , well no need for the intro it’s a common song.

So Yo Maps and his wife Kidist had thrown a birthday party for their most social media protected little child “Tendai” and they had a number of celebrities at the party, awesome support right?, well as much everyone who seems important was their, Yo Maps’s child “Bukata” whom he is co-parenting with his ex wife Mwizukanji wasn’t present at the party (alright international artist, whats your excuse?) and luckly, Fashion Zambia Police was doing a live interview online, interviewing almost everyone at the party and when Yo Maps was asked why his own daughter wasn’t present at the party he responded by saying “Bukata’s mother had some errands to run” (well really man, with all the privilege you have you still wanna blame your ex wife?, not cool). Earlier today the FZP posted on their page the excuse that was given by Yo Maps to why Bukata was absent at the party and  Mwizukanji defended herself by responding with a comment saying “people really try to use other people as an excuse at any given chance eh (with laughing emojis)”.

I mean “the one out of presence is always wrong,right?” . Not cool Mr International artist,

-Toxic Paper

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