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Kadochi And Miyanda Faked Their Break Up (Watch)


Kadochi And Miyanda Faked Their Break Up (Watch)

Ok people are not honest, people are not honest, anyway lets break it down first before we go anywhere, from the beginning to the of this useless relationship break up story line, here is the into below.

So a few days ago this yellow teeth yango affiliated guy Kadochi and his useless breath stinking tolerating girlfriend Miyanda had called it quits on social media.

A video of the ka Miyanda circulated on facebook where she was being all touchy touchy with another guy named Jackson. (Watch)


From there Kadochi went live on facebook, the niigga had to shade tears getting emotional and all, talking about people hate him so much, about what and how much he had spent on the girl, about how she is so unappreciated he felt as a man  and other stuff that were coming his yellow teeth mouth, watch.

From there Miyanda went live herself complaining about how Kadochi was a toxic partner and how how he used to beat her, how tuma k100 and k20 he was spending didnt matter at all, about how he was forcing her to touch his beard and call him Rick Ross or Chanda Brian (Watch)

Then earlier today these two cheap social media whores went live on facebook together, claiming the break up was fake and everything they said about each other was a lie ,


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