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Kidist Respond’s To Mwizukanji On The Phone (Watch)

Kidist Respond’s To Mwizukanji On The Phone (Watch)

So here we are again. Looks like this thing will never end go away Jesus Christ, anyway lets get to it after the intro of my website down here.

So it all started after chi Mwizukanji i don’t where she even was, but she had an interview or a talk about Yo Maps and the weak bond that is there between him and his daughter Bukata (Wamene anabalila Kuli Mwizukanji). I dont know why things gotta be all on social media and interviews as if there’s no grown people like Grandparents and in laws who can table such nonsense, So the internet attention grabbing by self-pity woman Mwizukanji issued a statement saying “Yo Maps only shows up on Bukata‘s birthdays and disappears” she went on on to say “between the artist and the daughter there is no relationship, they don’t talk or spend time together”.

Ok now we know so what?, offended or not so what? because there is nothing that anyone from social media will do apart from like, share and comment or worse just blog about it like i am doing here for extra views and move on while Yo Maps still remains the shitty father to Bukata and thats it.

As if that wasn’t enough, kidist based on the the internet being the most hated, arrogant and visionless woman who’s the wife to Yo Maps responded to Mwizukanji today concerning the same issue, watch her response below.


Ok truth be told this is getting so old, like people please bring something else on the internet. please.

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